Application development

Java | C/C++| VB Net | .NET |C# | Python| Cobol

Our experience in developing software varies extensively and across multiple industries. With the innovation of our team, we are able to design, develop and launch applications that are robust, highly scalable and tailored to businesses specific requirements.

Business Strategy & Intelligence

Change Management | Design Thinking | Customer Experience | Technology Adoption

We leverage the knowledge and skills present with our customer environment, enabling a meeting of minds. This collaborative process enables us to jointly  agree the realistic measurements that are to be applied to the  deliverables for completion.

This ultimately results in the completion of a sustainable and implementable end-to-end Business Value Chain.

Business Development and Design Solutions

  • Business Development
  • Transformational Design Solutions encompassing Artificial Intelligence Robotics and Data Management.

The methodologies that are applied to deliver on the customer strategy comprise:

  • Understanding the landscape within which the company and its people operate (Change  Management)
  • Understanding the customer needs and requirements and how this is being translated by the company (Customer Experience, Design Thinking and Technology adoption)
  • Determining whether Information Technology is relevant during the evaluation process

Customer Service

  • Formulate Customer Based Value propositions for sustainability and financial benefit
  • Innovative Design Thinking encompassing process, people and technology
  • Formulation of a bespoke Change Management Framework to sustain and support customer and staff connectivity
  • Compiling of Quantifiable metrics where Data Science is the modus operandi 
  • Investment in knowledge sharing for home grown sustainability
  • Creation of flexible an agile bespoke methodologies for quick execution
  • Demonstration of quick turnaround for business value

Intelligent Automation

RPA Developers | Chatbots | Machine Learning

Automation goes a step beyond mechanisation by automating equipment thus reducing manual labour and enhancing computer automated machinery, through customisation. By applying business process automation, it will ensure smooth transitions from one task to the next and provide visibility onto the status of the process.

Benefits of Automation:

  • Streamline business processes
  • Define business processes
  • Enable accurate data recording
  • Make better projections
  • Identify unused resources
  • Allow new business opportunities
  • Save money, even while sleeping
  • Easily manage decentralised teams in different time zones
  • Eliminate the manipulation of paper documents
  • Utilise employee time better

Mobile App Development

iOS | Android | HTML 5

Our Mobile application and custom software solutions give companies a competitive edge by transforming business processes. We create bespoke, superior applications that are customised for both Android and IOS. Our software solutions are designed to meet businesses specific requirements.


Quality Assurance (QA)

  • Functional Testers
  • Automation Testers
  • Performance Testers

BI and Data Warehousing

  • ETL Developers Data Storage

Robotics, Automation and AI

  • RPA Developers
  • Chatbots
  • Machine Learning



  • Functional Consultants (Bas)
  • Technical Consultants
  • Architects

Project Management

  • Programme Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Scrum Masters
  • Release Train Engineers

Business Industries

Financial | Mining | Retail | SME

Our involvement in the Financial Sector and Mining has been paramount. By creating processes and capabilities that are efficient, we have assisted these industries to evolve and become proficient. We have had a profound influence on the way Retail Businesses and SMEs, perform their day-to-day tasks, ultimately giving them an edge.